Robot Film Festival In New York City


The tentacular Heather Knight of Marilyn Monrobot, JPL, Carnegie-Mellon, RoboGames, etc, etc, etc, has hatched another brilliant scheme for Robot World Domination – what we hope is the first annual Robot Film Festival, which takes place July 16-18 at 3 Legged Dog in New York City.

Please submit your outstanding, dazzling, hilarious or thought-provoking short film. JUST ONE REQUIREMENT: Please feature a robot as one of the main characters as or framing devices of the narrative. Films should be one to eight minutes long.

In addition to the juried film screenings, there will be a live performances, cocktail and coffee mixers throughout. The Saturday night festivities include a red carpet award ceremony with interactive installations and uniquely designed ‘botsker’ awards. Don’t forget your party shoes (or wheels)!

Deadline for submissions: June 5, 2011

Submit your film for a chance to win a Botsker!

Simone Davalos
Simone Davalos