Reverend Billy Arrested While Reciting The First Amendment

Arrested For Preaching First Amendment at Critical Mass

Last Friday Reverend Billy was arrested again (he was arrested twice in February), this time for reciting the First Amendment in Union Square during New York’s monthly Critical Mass.

The NYPD have arrested and detained Reverend Billy,also known as Bill Talen, claiming his preaching the First Amendment at this month’s Critical Mass of bicyclists constituted “Harassment of a Public Official”. Apprehending Reverend Billy is only the latest in years offrivolous arrests and bogus ticketing by the NYPD at Critical Mass, now with the aid of the recently enacted and highly controversial Parade Laws. These abuses of police power have created an atmosphere of unease at the once family-friendly event.

Here are photos of the arrest and coverage by Gothamist.

photo credit: Konstantin Sergeyev