Restoring a Water Damaged Star Wars Millennium Falcon Toy From 1978 Back to Its Original Condition

Video creator Rescue & Restore who brings rusty, worn vintage toys back to their original shine and luster, quite skillfully took a rather dingy, discolored Millennium Falcon toy from 1978 with water damage and brought it back to it’s original, gleaming condition. The restorer paid a great deal of attention to each and every detail, including the replacement of a tiny mirrored Jedi training ball that was a crucial part of the interior.

The shell had yellowed with age from UV light exposure. I reversed the yellowing with a process known as RetroBright. If you submerge the plastic parts in hydrogen peroxide and add powerful UV lights, it will reverse the yellowing.

Restoring 1978 Millennium Falcon Model

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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