Rescued Baby Owl Becomes Part of a Loving Family

A beautiful female baby owl named Michael imprinted to her rescuer, bird expert human Alura of Big Talons, making her a welcome part of a human family. The little owl is a fun part of the household and is gently growing up with her young siblings.

Michael is a non-releasable Eurasian eagle owl. Michael is and always will be a wild animal. She’s not domesticated by any means. She’s tamed. That happens with the imprinting process we’re the family now. I’m her mom my kids are her siblings so I spent every day all day with her. …I would never let any animal around my children unsupervised there’s a mutual respect between the three of them.

Like her human siblings, Michael can be a bit naughty at times, but it’s all in good fun.

Any paper she can get a hold of she shreds into little bits and pieces…she likes taking things and hiding them. whatever they are it doesn’t matter If she can find them …she’ll take them. 

Baby Owl Part of Family