Pupil Reflections in Photographs Could Help Solve Crimes, Researchers Say

Pupil Reflections

In a recently published study, researchers demonstrated that people could be identified from pupil reflections in photos, a technique that could be used to solve crimes. Dr. Rob Jenkins of the University of York and Christie Kerr of the University of Glasgow presented participants with enhanced, low-resolution images obtained from eye reflections in photos. According to the study, participants who were unfamiliar with the faces in the photographs were able to identify them correctly 71 percent of the time, while participants who were familiar with the bystanders’ faces identified them correctly 84 percent of the time. Using similar techniques, crime investigators could potentially identify perpetrators who photograph their victims and also get clues as to the location the photograph was taken. The full study is available to read on PLOS ONE.

image and video via PLOS ONE

via KurzweilAI

Kimber Streams
Kimber Streams