Puddles Pity Party Performs a Unique Glam Rock Cover of the Nine Inch Nails Song ‘Hurt’

Never one to shy away from doing things differently, the talented Puddles Pity Party performed a cover of the Nine Inch Nails song “Hurt” with a bit of a 1970s glam rock flavor to it. Using his iPad, he slowed the song down just a touch, added in some background vocals and looked straight at the camera. Says P3 “I was channeling “Wall of Sound” meets David Bowie/Liam Mckahey.”

I’ve received so may requests to do this one and I heard ya. Trent Reznor wrote it. Johnny Cash/Rick Rubin covered it. I tried to do something different with it. It’s actually 1BPM slower than Cash/Rubin. …I recorded all of this in GarageBand on an iPad with my trusty Lewitt DGT 650 USB mic. I also shot the video on said iPad sitting on a milk crate behind my neighborhood Piggly Wiggly store