Amazing Portrait Art Created on Old Manual Typewriters

James Cook, a British artist creates what he calls “typictions”, wonderful artwork made using manual typewriters. His subjects include still life, architecture, pets, and people. Cook had studied to be an architect, so his work is very precise and amazingly accurate. It is also rather time-consuming, as he shares in his two-part video series “Typewriter Art for Essex”.

A short film about the production of my typewriter art of various scenes around the Essex countryside from December 2019. The three “typicitions” were partly-drawn from observation. I spent no more than 3 hours at each location and completed these drawings indoors (where it was nice and warm.) These drawings were typed on my 71″ Adler Tippa and 56″ Oliver Courier typewriter.

Cook also created several collections, which includes his “Doctor Who Typewriter Art Collection”.

via Boing Boing