Pop Culture Maps Depicting Locations in Video Games, Comics, Films & TV Shows

Batman Map

Batman” (Gotham City)

City Prints, a design company that specializes in creating fine art maps of college campuses and more, released an outstanding series of pop culture maps depicting locations found in video games, comic books, films and television shows.

Maps aren’t always based in reality, some of the real fun happens when navigating fantasy. Own a piece of your favorite story, a far away land, or the level you conquered. Display it proudly, even where your significant other or boss usually frowns upon you hanging your freak flag. Because this isn’t another geek poster, this my dear, is art!

Zelda Map

The Legend of Zelda” (Light World)

Superman Map

Superman” (Metropolis)

PacMan Map


Lord of the Rings Map

Lord of the Rings” (Middle Earth)

The Simpsons Map

The Simpsons” (Springfield)

Mario Kart Map

Super Mario Kart” (Mario Circuit)


Grand Theft Auto” (Vice City)

via ComicsAlliance

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