Pop Bottles, Kid-Themed Booze Bottles

Italian model and designer Anna Utopia Giordano has created Pop Bottles, a tongue-in-cheek art project of kid-themed branded booze bottles topped with rubber baby bottle nipples. For example, Grey Goose Vodka becomes “Hello Kitty Vodka”, Jack Daniels Whiskey is now “Fisher-Price Whiskey” and so on. The complete set of Pop Bottles images can be found at her site.

The author says: the bottles are NOT for sale, they are part of an art exhibition. This is an art project to raise social awareness on topics such as alcohol abuse by teens, alcohol abuse by pregnant women, the disinterest of some parents towards their children (abandoned for days between toys and video games), how far marketers can go to gain the attention of their younger customers. There are no commercial purposes.

via Who Killed Bambi? and Got Stuff?