Playa Postal Union Launches Project to Help Every Burning Man Participant Send a Postcard From the Festival for Free

Nick Farr of the Playa Postal Union has launched a project to help every participant of the 2014 Burning Man festival mail a postcard from the Black Rock Desert to recipients anywhere in the world. The project entails printing and providing postage for 70,000 postcards — the Playa Postal Union will mail the postcards as part of their role as the festival’s volunteer-powered postal system. Farr is raising funds for the endeavor on Indiegogo.

Every year, burners are shocked to learn Black Rock City has a functioning postal system. We are the team that lets you send mail to and from Burning Man.

Through our locations in the 9 O’Clock (PO9) and 3 O’Clock (BRC3PO) plazas, we offer every participant the opportunity to deliver incoming mail and create their own mail destined for the default world.

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

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