Pixel Portrait Poster Kickstarter Project Backers Receive An 8-Bit Portrait

Sterling, Virginia based pixel artist, t-shirt designer and 2D animator Drew Wise has taken his many years of art experience and launched the Kickstarter project Pixel Portrait Poster Project. Up to 800 backers of the project will receive a unique 8-bit pixel portrait of themselves created by Drew after submitting him a photo. Each of the 800 8-bit portraits will then be compiled into a single poster design and sent out to qualified backers.

Pixel Portrait Poster Project Overview:

This project is about creating 8-bit pixel portraits for up to 800 kickstarter backers, and bringing them all together into a beautiful limited edition art print! I want to humbly extend an invitation to anyone & everyone from around the world to become a part of the art! I’m hoping to represent, in the final piece, people from all walks of life across the globe!

Once every portrait is 100% finished, I will then intricately compile & produce the final epic pixel art poster design! These prints will be exclusive to the qualified backers! Each will be fully inspected, autographed, and numbered before the final shipping!

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Mass Pixel Portrait Poster Project Print

An example of what the final compiled design might look like.

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Pixel Portrait Poster Project

Artwork created by Drew Wise

via Drew Wise