Pictory’s San Francisco Photo Showcase

Pictory's San Francsico

Pictory, a new online publishing project created by Laura Brunow Miner, just launched a beautiful photo essay about San Francisco.

In her introduction to the San Francisco feature, Laura writes:

San Francisco is my first in a series of themes on place. I didn’t choose this city because I live here and love it. Not entirely. I picked it because I know it.

I will need help when I feature Cuba. I will need a larger, more distributed community when I tackle beyond-the-stereotypes Detroit. Even for New York or Paris, I will need help from someone who understands the backstreets and can read between the lines.

But San Francisco I can feature now, and with any luck, I can show how a place can be relevant even if you don’t live there, haven’t been, or don’t like it.

The pictures are huge, the words are well-crafted, and there’s a nice roster of local photogs included in the mix, including William Cendak III, Naz Hamid, and Eric Nielson, and Dustin Diaz.