‘PBS Space Time’ Explores Whether a ‘Star Fox’ Barrel Roll Would Actually Work in Space

PBS Space Time host Gabe Perez-Giz explores whether a barrel roll from the Star Fox video game series would actually work in space in the latest episode of the series. Perez-Giz points to a video by It’s Okay To Be Smart on the physics of space battles before launching into why barrel rolls–which are more accurately aileron rolls–could be possible in space.

DO A BARREL ROLL! Or at least, try…? The iconic move from Star Fox seems so easy, just press a button and BOOM. The ship rolls. But HOW? Barrel rolls in atmosphere are easy to execute with the use of ailerons, but in space, it’s a different issue altogether. With no atmosphere (and no thrusters), how does one Barrel Roll like Star Fox in space?

Game Theory: Star Fox, Do a Barrel Roll