PBS Idea Channel Explores the Fan Theory That Jar Jar Binks Was an Evil Sith Lord in the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

On the latest episode of PBS Idea Channel, host Mike Rugnetta explores the fan theory that the clumsy Jar Jar Binks was actually a Sith Lord and the main evil mastermind throughout the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Jar Jar Binks… evil genius? A recent Star Wars fan theory has been doing the rounds on the internet, and it is blowing the minds of franchise superfans everywhere. What if Jar Jar Binks was the evil Sith mastermind behind the entire prequel trilogy? Unlike many highly-speculative fan theories, there is actually ample evidence within Episodes 1-3 to back this idea up, and comments from George Lukas and Jar Jar Binks’ voice actor seem to suggest that key elements of the Jar Jar character were changed at the last minute to appease disgruntled fans. So what do you think about this theory, and the fact that after 15 years, fans are still trying to “fix” the Star Wars prequels?