Paradinha: The “Little Stop” That’s Not Allowed at the World Cup

Lots of great soccer happens in Brazil, but one thing that stays in Brazil is a tricky penalty kick move called “paradinha” or “little stop” where the kicker feints a shot, gets the goalkeeper committed to one side, and thus has an easy tap-in the other way to score the goal.

FootBrazil put together the above feature, and while I have to say I am not a fan of the move, it’s still pretty fun to watch a bunch of clips of it being employed.

This technique is controversial, but widely used in the Brazilian leagues, and generally penalized when it has been (rarely) employed outside Brazil. But it had never been officially illegal in international play until a few months ago when FIFA, the world governing body for soccer, officially outlawed the practice.

Even Brazilian legend Ronaldo, the all-time World Cup high scorer, has used this technique while playing in the domestic league, seen here: