A Unique Synthesizer That Uses Intuitive Gestures to Create Highly Expressive Sounds

The Osmose by Expressive E is a unique standalone synthesizer that uses intuitive gestures and natural movements to generate highly expressive sounds that are not otherwise achievable in other standard synthesizers. The engine behind the Osmose is powerful yet available to users of all levels.

Osmose is the new standard for musical expressivity. This standalone polyphonic synthesizer unlocks new ways to control sound with familiar gestures (press, bend, shake & more). It features a deep sound design engine and hundreds of ready-to-use, innovative presets. It also functions as a powerful controller for hard & software synthesizers. …Easy-to-tweak presets, a playful interface, and an innovative keybed make for a fun & refreshing playing experience, for players of all levels.

Osmose is a collaborative project that incorporated the experience of widely respected musicians worldwide into its design.

We have thus teamed up with top musicians across the globe — from seasoned jazz & classical pianists to Grammy-winning trap producers – to make sound demos that help you see what Osmose can add to the music genres you love!

Here’s a helpful tutorial showing how it works.

The Osmose can be reserved online or at partner stores with a deposit.

via Boing Boing