Orthopedic Casts Custom Designed With Your Own X-Ray


If you send the digital file of your X-ray to Colorado-based company Casttoo, they will custom print your break and send it back to you so you can apply it to your orthopedic cast directly. Casttoo specializes in cool decorations for casts and has many other (non-customized) designs available to purchase.

Casttoo products are the most innovative, fun thing to hit the field of Orthopedic Medicine since the introduction of Colorful Casting Tape. Our designs transform drab fiberglass or plaster into the most unique & creative casts around!

Casttoo makes it fun and easy for anyone to put a little more joy into the downtime experienced following a bone break or surgery. Casttoos are for everyone, are easily applied with the help of heat and are actually helping people enjoy the healing process.