The Awesome Beauty of the Ore Mountains in Saxony, Germany Captured in an Aerial Tilt-Shift Timelapse

Joerg Daiber of Little Big World captured the awesome beauty of the Ore Mountains in Saxony, Germany through the lens of an aerial tilt-shift timelapse. This particular area, which has become a UNESCO World Heritage site, is very busy with the bustling of trains, trucks, and people, all of which look like toys as they move through the wintry snow-covered middle-lands.

I was invited to film an episode of the amazing Ore Mountains by the tourism board Erzgebirge. The area recently became a UNESCO World Heritage site among other things due to its rich cultural heritage in mining which dates back 700 years. The Ore Mountains are located in a so called Mittelgebirge, which is a relatively low mountain range or highland area, a typical geographical feature of central Europe.