Obama Riding a Mighty Lion Wielding a Crossbow & Light Saber by Jason Heuser


Obama Riding a Lion is a new work by artist Jason Heuser that shows President Barack Obama sitting on a “mighty lion” wielding a crossbow and a “DARPA issued Light Saber”. Prints of Obama Riding a Lion, including a variation of the original, are available at Heuser’s Etsy shop, The Epic Art Store. We have featured Heuser’s artwork several times in the past on Laughing Squid.

When the President talks about Change, he means it. First on the list is all presidential addresses being issued atop his mighty lion while he wields his crossbow and DARPA issued Light Saber. Practice some Change today and buy this print to show your love for ‘merica!

Obama Riding a Lion

images via Jason Heuser

via Rampaged Reality

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff