#NYANCATCITY, A 4-Day Nyan Cat Pop-Up Event in New York City

Nyan Cat City

#NYANCATCITY is a four-day pop-up event “inspired by the internet” opening at The Hole Shop in New York City from December 13 to 16, 2012. It will feature the popular internet meme, Nyan Cat, and will include a store with limited edition Nyan Cat items, kitten adoptions, DJs, art talks, parties, Nyan Cat-inspired food and beverages, and “cats, cats and more cats!”

The Hole Shop is located at 312 Bowery in New York City. Nyan Cat’s creator Chris Torres will be at the event’s opening reception on December 13, 2012 (RSVP). Full details of the event can be found at the event’s online press release. The event is curated and produced by New York Art Department.

Come down and party with us like it’s Nyanty Nyanynyan!

Nyan Cat in NYC


images via Ben Lashes and New York Art Department

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff