Nudie Patooties, An Adorable Line of Clothing Created Specifically For Hairless Cats

Nudie Patooties is a wonderfully adorable line of clothing specifically created for the specific needs of hairless cats. Based in Bloomington, Minnesota, the company is owned by a mother daughter duo were making clothes for their own sphynx cats and decided to make a business of it. The clothes come in a colorful variety of styles and sizes with cute names. Clothing is important for these bald beauties because they get far more cold far more easily than their furry brethren (although the clothing can fits cats with fur).

The rule of thumb in our home is that if you can’t walk around barefoot without chilly toes, your Sphynx most likely needs a layer of protection too! Whether it is cold ceramic or hardwood floors, air conditioning, or cold weather in general, a shirt/fleece to a cat is like you needing to wear a pair of socks!…Pay extra attention to the fit! Ill fitting clothing is the number one reason most cats dislike clothes or come out of their clothes!

via David Wahl

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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