NoonaCo Shipping and Fulfillment Services


NoonaCo is a great shipping and fulfillment service located in San Francisco that is run by my good friend Helena “Noona” Nolan, who has worked with Laughing Squid over the years helping to produce, organize and stage manage many of our events.

Noona first started NoonaCo when she was doing the fulfillment for Valleyschwag and now she is selling and doing fulfillment for our Laughing Squid t-shirts and posters. NoonaCo also does fulfillment for The Thing and Ritual Coffee Roasters as well as selling products for Citizen Agency, Screaming Girl and Paul Andrew Hayes Illustration. You can keep up with the latest NoonaCo news on the NoonaCo blog.

If you are looking for a company to do your fulfillment or sell some of your products online, I highly recommend the excellent services of NoonaCo, it’s really worked out well for Laughing Squid and has saved us a ton of time.