NIMBY & ArtFag Mafia present: MOB


MOB, another amazing event at NIMBY in Oakland, takes place this Saturday, February 25th. This event is the debut of the new undergound art organization ArtFag Mafia and features Combots, Therm and a bunch of other great stuff.

NIMBY and the ArtFag Mafia present: MOB
Saturday, February 25th, Starting around 9 pm

The family cordially invites you to join the ArtFag Mafia in our premiere event.

Fighting Robots, Fire Art, DJs and bands at the world famous NIMBY warehouse. $10 at the door

Combots: Thrill to the spectacle as robots fight only a few feet away from the spectators!

Music by:
Funky Buelah, Esmerelda Strange, Enormous Sidecar, Coal Pitts Wash, DJ Caine and more…

Fire art by:
Therm: Artists control fire, commanding it to dance, spin, boom, spit, whisper and explode within giant metal sculpture.

Orion Fredricks: showing Echevaria and the Twins.

Jet powered wheel chair ride by three drunk assholes

Cranky and Laughing Sal with sculpture by Jamie Vaida.

Dominique will be wearing a mustache. Wear your red leather tie.


At the NIMBY warehouse.
28th St. and Mandela Parkway. West Oakland.

Take the I-880 S
exit on the West Grand/Maritime Exit (0.4 miles)
Merge onto W GRAND AVE (1.2 miles)
Turn LEFT onto MANDELA PKWY. (0.3 miles)
Turn RIGHT onto 28TH ST. (0.1 miles)