New York Rhapsody, A Heartfelt Tribute to City Creativity as Seen Through the Eyes of Three Different Artists

Photographer Sal D’Alia and cinematographer Andrew Trost have created “New York Rhapsody”, a short film produced by the iconic Manhanttan camera store Adorama that pays tribute to the vast amount of creativity found within New York City. The film looks at the city through the eyes of three different artists – a photographer, a filmmaker, and a musician – on a single day in their lives.

On the notes of George Gershwin’s immortal “Rhapsody in Blue,” New York City wakes up and begins the daily cycle of life, dreams, and their inevitable intersections. We follow three creatives as they hustle and fight against and within the rhythm of the city to chase their artistic visions. Most say about New York: “You love it or you hate it!” It’s a city of contrast — of black and white — but many often miss its countless shades of gray.

D’Alia stated that he made the film to celebrate his ten year anniversary in New York City.

On a personal note, 2020 marks my tenth year in New York City. I wanted to make a love letter to the city, and something that would represent a bit of my journey as a professional, but that would also show the hustle and the passion of every artist in this city. … I wanted to show the different phases and aspects of a life of a creator. The filmmaker is a young hustler juggling three gigs in a day (something I did multiple times at the beginning of my career), the photographer is a young mother trying to balance her love for photography with time with her daughter, and the musician is a Wall Street broker making a good living but craving for more time on stage.

Adorama also put together an inspiring video that challenges people to keep learning and creating no matter what, despite the challenges of the current day.

As a community, and as creators, we’re all learning how to navigate these uncertain times. While we’re all adjusting to working from home or social distancing, we’re reflecting and finding ways to create, learn, and think outside the box. Whether that’s singing from balconies or dancing in your living room, we #CreateNoMatterWhat.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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