New Google Calendar Goals Feature Helps Users Find Time to Complete Personal Objectives

Google has announced a new Goals feature in Google Calendar that helps users find the time to complete personal objectives. Users can add goals like exercising more and the app then asks them provide a few details like how many times per week and the best time of day. The app will then automatically find time in their schedule to complete the new goal.

The app will reschedule the goals if a conflicting event is added to the calendar, or the user can defer the session for a later time if something comes up last minute.

The feature is available in the Google Calendar app for both Android and iOS.

Whether it’s reading more books, learning a new language or working out regularly, achieving your goals can be really hard. One day it’s “I got called into a last-minute meeting.” The next day it’s “I have a friend in town.” And before you know it, your goals are delayed or forgotten. In fact, with all the things you need to do in a given week, it’s probably harder than ever to find the time—even when your goal really matters to you.

That’s why starting today, we’re introducing Goals in Google Calendar. Just add a personal goal—like “run 3 times a week”—and Calendar will help you find the time and stick to it.

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