Beautifully Crafted Miniature Vignettes Made Using Traditional Needle and Pillow Lace Textile Techniques

Textiles artist Ágnes Herczeg creates incredibly detailed, beautifully crafted miniature vignettes using the traditional textile techniques of needle lace, which requires small repeated stitches, and pillow lace, which requires braiding. Herczeg uses threads of different widths and origins, a variety of colors, and other natural elements to add texture to her dioramic scenes.

The pattern and density of the stitches within the contours determine the graphics of the given work, which is a process based completely on improvisation. …The lacework is dyed afterward, which might be the most exciting phase of all as this is the part when my work becomes a picture. The frame of the pictures is made of small branches, bark, coconut shell, or any other material of my liking. This “frame” constitutes a compositional part of the picture.

via DeMilked

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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