Needle Felting Extravaganza at Gallery Hanahou in New York City


A Needle Felting Extravaganza, featuring amazing needle-felting art by Kit Lane, Moxie, Yoko Nomura and Hine Mizushima, opens on Thursday, March 3rd at Gallery Hanahou in New York City and runs through April 1st.

Beginning March 3rd, gallery hanahou will host a group show of needle-felting works by four artists who are shaping the medium in significant ways: Moxie, Hine Mizushima, Kit Lane, and Yoko Nomura. Using wool and basic tools, these artists have created worlds and creatures that defy conventional ideas about the craft. The exhibition will be comprised of four mini solo shows that express each artist’s personal sense of humor, wonder, or adventure through soft sculpture.



Red Ants

Hine Mizushima, who’s amazing work we have featured many times on this blog, will be presenting “The Unnatural History Museum” at the show, featuring 30 new specimens, including giant squids.

via Henna Geijutsu

photos by Hine Mizushima