Nathan Fielder Has Followers Text Their Parents Asking About the Legality of Giving Someone a Sexually Transmitted Disease

Actor, comedian, and internet prankster Nathan Fielder is conducting another social experiment on Twitter (previously). This time he’s asked his Twitter followers to text their parents the following: “If you think u gave someone an STD is it illegal not to tell them? Asking for a friend” and to then tweet their response.

Here’s a look at some of the recent responses:

Brandy Haynes

…it better not b u” –Brandy’s Mom

Erik Marshall

What?” –Erik’s Mom

Katie Claire

Yes!!!” –Katie’s Mom

Ryan Stegman

Not illegal.“–Ryan’s Mom

Claire Baldwin

Come Home NOW” –Claire’s Dad

Jake Massoth

…don’t tell your mother I know a clinic” –Jake’s Dad

Elegant Tooth

Also I need my croc heels back” –Elegant Tooth’s Mom


What do you want for dinner?” –vizz’s parent

Jonathan Fay

Depends…” –Jonathan’s Mama

Seamus O'Keefe

Be home in 5 min.” –Seamus’ dad Patrick (uh oh!)

John Patrick Lee III

John Patrick’s Mom is on hold with the health department.

Nick Smale

Harsh” –Nick

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff