Namie Osawa Talks About the Inspiration Behind Her Flashy Robot Restaurant in Tokyo

Great Big Story partnered with ANA for a new episode of their Flavors series where they travel to Tokyo to talk with Namie Osawa about the inspiration behind her underground robot themed club, Robot Restaurant. The flashy restaurant features all sorts of radio-controlled animatronics, drums, music, dancers, and an incredible array of flashing lights and colors that tickle all of the patron’s senses.

In five short years, Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant has become the stuff of legend. In short, it’s a restaurant where guests are treated to a wild show involving oversized radio-controlled animatronics, dancers, a rock band and more flashing lights and colors than you can imagine. Owner Namie Osawa was working in the clothing industry and wanted to start a new endeavor that would utilize the talents of her out-of-work dancer friends. She conceived of Robot Restaurant as a nostalgic stop for the city’s throngs of everyday working men and women. But today, she’s got one of the hottest joints in town and is thrilled to welcome thousands of people who cross the ocean to see her show.

Namie Osawa Explains the Inspiration Behind Her Flashy Robot Restaurant in Tokyo