Mythbusters H1N1 Flu PSA and Intel Commercial

Please note, several real sneezes were filmed during the making of this video!

Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage (@donttrythis), the guys from Mythbusters, shot the above public service announcement as part of a larger campaign to inform about H1N1 flu virus (of which swine flu is a subset) which stars in the current flu pandemic that is sweeping the globe.

The Discovery Channel campaign includes a Mythbusters website that explains five myths about the virus.

Adam tweeted that it was directed by our good friend Carl, who made that Trader Joes film. There are 2 versions of his fake TJ commercial actually; go ahead and watch the long one cuz it’s great!

You can see those videos and more on Carl’s website or his YouTube channel. He also directed the MB guys in the Intel commercial below.