Museum, A Tiny Museum of Oddities Tucked in a Manhattan Alley

Tiny museum in Manhattan alley

photo by Naho Kubota

Museum is a tiny museum of oddities that is tucked in the side of a building in a Manhattan alleyway. The one-room museum is housed in the bottom of a converted freight elevator shaft that opens to the street. The space has been retrofitted with lighting, shelves, and glass doors that keep the museum’s collection on display 24 hours a day. Museum specializes in the eclectic—the current season of 15 collections includes bulletproof Disney backpacks, Cambodian menu photo rejects, and toothpaste tubes from around the world. The museum was founded by Alex Kalman and Josh and Benny Safdie in May 2012. For more on Museum, see this article by Collectors Weekly.

Tiny museum in Manhattan alley

A bulletproof Disney backpack currently on display at Museum.

photo via Museum

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips