‘MTV Braless’ Examines ‘Bob’s Burgers’ and How It Breaks From Traditional Stereotypes to Champion Feminist Characters

MTV Braless host Laci Green examines the animated comedy television show Bob’s Burgers and how it breaks from traditional sitcom stereotypes to champion a diverse array of feminist characters. Green seems to be a particular fan of Tina Belcher and her blossoming sexuality.

While so many sitcoms rely on tired stereotypes, Bob’s Burgers shines through with original characters who are TOTALLY FEMINIST. Is Tina Belcher a revolutionary depiction of female sexuality? How has Gene made strides for the body positive movement? And should all parents look up to Bob & Linda? Let’s all raise our glasses to Bob’s Burgers for normalizing gender equality. But don’t forget: Tina’s no hero — she puts her bra on one boob at a time like everyone else.

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submitted via Laughing Squid Tips