Mouth-Watering Videos That Document the Creation of Four Desserts Based on Different Colors

Back in 2012, French coffee brand Carte Noir released a series of food videos in which each short was based on a different color. The videos are visual recipes for incredibly delicious-looking desserts, such as pistachio tiramisu (“VERT”–“Green”). But the videos do more than simply document each desert’s creation–they lavishly capture each step in extreme closeups, complete with the sounds of eggs being folded and cream being poured. The viewer is forced to watch as syrup is drizzled and butter is melted. The videos are, in other words, positively indecent. In addition to “VERT,” Carte Noir released “ROUGE” (“Red”), “JAUNE” (“Yellow”), and “ROSE” (“Pink”). The series was produced by digital agency Proximity BBDO.

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