Motherboard Visits The Madagascar Institute

Motherboard recently visited friends at The Madagascar Institute in Brooklyn taking a really great inside look at their “homebrewed rocket science for the streets”.

Their nearly impossible sculptures and amusements, live performances, and guerrilla events (think Flaming Soccer, Jet Blenders, Zombie Freak Outs, Death Rattlers, Condiment Wars, Electrified See-Saws, and so on) aren’t created for the turtlenecked contemplation of the museum. They thrive on the big, messy, and inspiring public engagement of the carnival, of the parade, of those moments that slack jaws and get people jumping up and down—and sometimes running for safety. It’s the kind of art that could kill you. But if it’s just bleeding and it’s not from an artery, says co-founder Chris Hackett, then you can’t really complain about it.