Monsieur, A Robot Bartender That Learns Your Drinking Habits

Monsieur is a robot bartender that learns from your drink preferences and habits to serve cocktails customized to your taste. Users can choose what drink they would like from a list of cocktails complete with photos and information, and can also use a strength slider to tell Monsieur if they want their drink “lightweight,” “normal,” or “boss.” Over time, Monsieur will learn what drinks and strength users like and offer refreshments based on their habits. For example, the robot bartender can offer users a double if they’ve had a long day at work, offer cocktails for a date night, or offer a celebratory drink when a favorite sports team wins a game. Monsieur also monitors users’ drink consumption and will warn people when their blood alcohol content is high and help them get a cab. Users can also order drinks straight from the Monsieur smartphone app, and the machine will send its owner an email or text when it’s running low on cocktail ingredients. The project is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.


video and image via Monsieur

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips