Mom Creates Daily Art on Her Sons’ Lunch Napkins For Over 6 Years

Brooklyn sculptor, photographer, illustrator, and mother Nina Levy has been using colored markers to draw pop culture characters on lunch napkins for her two sons (Archer & Ansel) daily for over six years. According to Nina, she has created around 2,000 custom napkins. You can view them all online via her Daily Napkins blog.

I usually get requests, although they are sometimes hard to fulfill- “I want Nightwing and Kid Flash blowing up the Brotherhood of Evil while Batman and Superman watch.”

Our napkins usually come back home along with all the uneaten food. My younger son actually uses them for their original purpose, while the other tells me, “oh, I only use the napkin to get attention, I just wipe my hands on my clothes.”

images via Daily Napkins.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips