Metroblogging San Francisco Turns One

Metroblogging San Francisco

Metroblogging San Francisco is a local collective of bloggers who post news, information and commentary about the Bay Area on a daily basis. They recently passed their 1 year anniversary, so to celebrate they are hosting a Drink-Up this Friday, August 5th at the House of Shields in San Francisco starting at 7pm. So come on out and meet the folks that make SF Metblogs such a great local resource.

Metroblogging was founded in Los Angeles by Sean Bonner and Jason DeFillippo and has now spread to over 30 different cities worldwide. Sean heads up and Jason (who’s birthday we are celebrating on Friday as well) recently moved to San Francisco and joined forces with Christiana Dominguez who runs SF Metblogs. Several other friends of Laughing Squid contribute to SF Metblogs, including: Jacob Appelbaum, Christiana Dominguez, Nicole Lee, Jonas Luster, Courtney Patubo, Derek Powazek and Jason Schupp

Congratulations guys and here’s to another year of excellent SF Metblog posts!