An Agoraphobic Boy Without a Body Tries to Comfort People Literally Melting Down From Stress

In a brilliant student animation by Amy J. Xu entitled “Melt Down“, an agoraphobic boy who lacks a body, is sent out to the store to buy more paint after he spills a whole can on the floor. Along the way, he encounters all sorts of people who are just as anxious or self-loathing as he. Inside the paint store, he watches as the inventory around a nervous clerk starts to melt under the withering anger of his manager. On his way back with the paint, he gets hit by a car. The driver immediately starts to melt down from the stress of it all. However, since the boy had no body, he was fine and quickly ran to comfort the dripping driver to let him know it was all going to be okay.

Melt Down was my senior year film at Pratt Institute. It’s a surrealist narrative story about a body-less boy who doesn’t want to go outside, among other wacky characters in a world where people melt from stress.

via Vimeo Staff Picks