MaxFunCon 2011

MaxFunCon 2011

The third annual MaxFunCon, a gathering of creative people who wish to be more awesome, will take place June 10th-12th, 2011 in Lake Arrowhead, California (outside LA). MaxFunCon is produced by the fine folks who also bring awesomely funny podcasts like The Sound of Young America and Coyle and Sharpe (legendary San Francisco pranksters) to the interwebs.

Jordan Morris, comedian & boy detective, gives an overview of what MFC has to offer and a glimpse of last year’s convocation.

Join us for MaxFunCon 2011, June 10th-12th in Lake Arrowhead, California.

Tickets are available at

Video directed by Ben Harrison & hosted by Jordan Morris.

Featuring Jesse Thorn, John Hodgman, Andrew W.K., Jenny Ryan, Dr. Cocktail, Neal Pollack, Kasper Hauser, Elephant Larry, Cocoa, Marc Maron, Jad Abumrad of Radiolab, Jimmy Pardo and the kind citizens of MaxFunCon.

I went last year, and I could literally feel the incremental awesome coursing through my nerdy veins. Here’s my wrap-up of last year’s MaxFunCon and Scott’s pictures from 2009. You can hear John Hodgman’s 2009 Keynote speech on the site.

Last year the event occurred over Mother’s Day weekend. So we all recorded a group apology to our maternal parents. It went something like this…