Mario Warfare – Episode 2 by Beat Down Boogie

In episode 2 of Mario Warfare, a live-action video game inspired web series created by Beat Down Boogie, Mario sets out to rescue his kidnapped brother Luigi from the clutches of the evil Hammer Brothers. The Beat Down Boogie crew has started a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to help complete this great web series and support future work.

Bowser’s airships rain destruction on the Mushroom Kingdom. The King is missing, presumed dead. The Princess is on the run. A couple plumbers answer the call of duty and sign up to fight. Now Mario, Luigi (and a team of old school video game characters) are thrown into the gritty new world of first person shooters like COD and Battlefield.

Imagine “Super Mario Brothers meets Blackhawk Down.” With a healthy dose of humor. That’s our new web series, Mario Warfare! It’s a loving parody of classic video games and epic action-films.

Justin Page
Justin Page

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