Marc Canter Photo Remix

Marc Canter Photo Remix

You never know what’s going to happen to a photo you take, especially after you upload it to Flickr for the whole world to enjoy.

Last month, as I was leaving the Gnomedex Networking Bash I shot this photo of Marc Canter hailing a cab. Marc is one of the most connected people on the internet and was the founder of MacroMind, which later became Macromedia. Marc, along with JD Lasica, co-founded of the recently launched Ourmedia.

First podcasting evangelist (and former MTV VJ) Adam Curry, posted my photo to his blog to as he said goodbye to Gnomedex. This was just days before the launch of iTunes 4.9, which includes support for podcasting and features content from Adam with a link to his website. Needless to say, many people saw my photo of Marc after that happened.

The following week, Kosso, who works for the BBC, created a hilarious remix of my photo showing Marc popping up through the manhole cover that I just happened to shoot him standing on.

Then Dave Winer, a legendary pioneer of RSS, OPML and podcasting, posted the remixed image to his blog, suggesting that Marc Canter should be selected as the next Supreme Court Justice.

Finally Marc himself found out about the image and posted both the orginal image as well as the new version to his blog.

That’s quite a strange journey for an innocent little photo. As of today the original photo has had 1974 views on Flickr and it is my #2 most viewed photo, second only to the photo I shot of the WordPress Corporate Headquarters. Something tells me it will only be a matter of time before it moves into first place. Gotta love the Interweb.