Man Who Lost the Use of His Legs Regains the Ability to Walk Due to Electrodes Implanted Into His Spine

David Mzee Walking With Spinal Electrodes

A young man named David Mzee who lost the use of his legs due to injury, was given the chance to walk again with the amazing use of electrodes implanted into his spine. This implanted targeted neurotechnology doesn’t necessarily cause movement, rather they amplify the message being sent within the body.

A combination of the implants and therapy gave Mzee the ability and confidence to take his first steps in the six years he was wheelchair-bound. Initially Mzee needed full body support help him with his balance, but eventually was able to let that go when he was more sure of his new footing. Two other patients who had the ability to walk were also aided by this implant surgery.

Researchers have helped three patients with spinal cord injuries to walk again by implanting electrodes onto their spines and stimulating their legs at precise moments during their stride. In this video, David Mzee describes the ‘crazy’ feeling of walking again after 6 years. …importantly, all of the participants retained some improvement in muscle movement even after the stimulation therapy had stopped, and two retained improvements in walking ability.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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