An Amazing Cosplay of Man-Spider, A Terrifying Alternate Reality Mutation of Spider-Man

While reporting from the Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose, California, Norman Chan of Tested came across cosplayers Mike and Shelly Karver, who created an absolutely fantastic costume for “Man-Spider”, an alternate reality Spider-Man mutation from the comics and Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

The costume features a terrifying beast bursting from inside the body of a man. The cosplayers shared how they made this incredible costume, which thoroughly impressed many attendees along with the Tested team.

We meet up with cosplayers Mike and Shelly (who last year made an awesome Totoro costume) and check out their new Man-Spider cosplay! Mike and Shelly walk us through their sculpt and build of this striking cosplay, one of our absolute favorites from Silicon Valley Comic Con.

An illustrated interpretation of the original Man-Spider animation.

image via Roberge Studios