Man Revives Glorp Gum, A Gimmicky Gum Brand with a Nutty History


Atlanta-based animator, illustrator, and comic book artist Brad McGinty recently acquired and relaunched the Glorp Gum Co., a gum brand with a long and nutty history. According to McGinty, the gum originally was a WWII air sickness medicine and their gimmick was that “each and every piece of gum came with a T-shirt.” The shirts were meant to absorb the vomit and soon became a popular collector’s item. McGinty has reprinted these classic tees from the 60s, 70s, and 90s. In addition, he’s made Glorp Gum trading cards, patches, gum machine stickers, vintage pins, and hats available. The best part: the whole thing is concocted. The rich history of the Glorp Gum company is faked, including a fantastic parody of the famous Tootsie Pops ad from the 1970s.

Glorp Gum (parody) commercial (1971)

Glorp Gum

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips