Man Grows a Spectacular Cat-Themed Mustache for Movember

Jonathan Burnside Feline Movember Mustache 2013

Orlando, Florida teacher Jonathan Burnside grew a spectacular cat-themed mustache for this year’s Movember event. You can help Burnside raise funds for men’s health awareness on his Movember profile page.

Here is what Jonathan had to say about his mustache:

“I just did a handlebar moustache and then cut half of it off,” he explained. “I made a template to get the basic shape. Then I shaved negative space lines for the details, which did not show up on camera. Then my wife did an outline in eye liner, which also did not show up on camera. I then just went ahead and outlined it in Sharpie.”

Here is his mustache from 2012:

Jonathan Burnside Movember Mustache 2012

images via Developing Burnside

via Metro News, I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet, Neatorama