Makr Shakr, Robotic Bartender System Staffed by 3 Industrial Robots

Makr Shakr is a robotic bartender system that lets people order drinks from a trio of industrial robots. A companion app lets people choose and customize a drink recipe from a list of more than 100 liquors and mixers. Two of the Kuka industrial robots are equipped with cocktail shakers for mixing duty, while the third delivers finished drinks to a conveyor, which passes them on to the person who ordered the drink (presumably so that nobody gets whacked by the extremely fast-moving robots). Makr Shakr is a collaboration between MIT SENSEable City Laboratory and Italian architecture studio Carlo Ratti Associati. It debuted earlier this month at the Google I/O 2013 conference in San Francisco. For more on the system see this Gizmodo article.

Makr Shakr

photo by Lucas Werthein

Makr Shakr

photo by Max Tomasinelli

video via Gizmodo

via Gizmodo