Making a Mess, An Interview With Artist Alex Pardee That Dives Into His Colorful Art Career

Nuvango Gallery has released their interview with talented artist Alex Pardee — titled “Making a Mess” — that dives into his colorful art career. Pardee’s portfolio and more about the man behind the creativity is available on his personal website and Nuvango Gallery.

We spent the day watching Alex laugh, paint, snap the odd selfie and talk about his DIY approach to life. His unlikely career in art seems to be the byproduct of a series of experiments and failures gone right. He earns a living from his art but it also helps him cope with the tumultuous times in his life. He faces his demons by throwing them at the canvas and twisting them into bizarre and hilarious comments on pop culture. It’s cathartic for him and disturbing yet oddly comforting for the rest of us.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Justin Page
Justin Page

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