Makies, 3D-Printed Action Dolls Created & Customized Online

Makies Makies

London-based toy and games company MakieLab has rolled out the alpha version of their Makies, customizable web-created 3D-printed action dolls. They are 10″ high dolls that come “complete with poseability, cute clothes, and removeable/changeable eyes & hair.” While not interactive yet, the head of the dolls is designed to fit a Lilypad Arduino (or similar). In this open alpha period, dolls can currently be created and ordered at the Makies website and future versions will be available soon.

Alice Taylor, MakieLab’s CEO, describes Makies and the open alpha release in more detail on her personal blog, Wonderland:

MAKIES is an action doll creator: a player/customer can design their own action doll – features, hair, clothes and everything – & we then 3D print it uniquely to them, build & dress it, and send on to them within 3 weeks of ordering.

There’s more to come, too: the avatar will be able to unlock collectibles for the action doll. In the future, the action doll will be able to do the same for the avatar, using clever bits of electronica \o/.

…For beta, we’ll have cheaper and more expensive versions available, playing with complexity of tailoring and size of print, etc. Tablet apps, too, and lastly, the all-important full battery of toy safety tests (totally confident on that last one – the doll’s already passed a full series, but we still need to do USA and Japan ones too, etc. It just takes time).



via Waxy