Maker Faire Ticket Giveaway Contest

Maker Faire Ticket Giveaway

As a Maker Faire sponsor, Laughing Squid has a few extra tickets, so I thought it would be fun to have a little ticket giveaway contest.

Here’s how it will work:

1) I’ll ask some triva questions in this blog post about about a few of the Makers who will be at the Maker Faire.

2) The first person who leaves a comment on this blog post with the correct answer, will win a free ticket to the event. It’s an actual printed ticket (not electronic) and it is good for one day’s admission to the event, either Saturday, April 22nd or Sunday, April 23rd.

4) I’ll contact the winners for their mailing address so I can send them their ticket via US Mail. Make sure you include a working email with your answers in the comments. If a winner lives outside the Bay Area, then we may need to make other arrangements for their ticket.

5) The contest will run today, Tuesday, April 18th and Wednesday, April 19th.

Ok, on to the questions:

Question #1

Maker: Cyclecide Bike Rodeo

Question: What Mexican city has Cyclecide traveled to in the past for a giant pyrotechnics festival?

Answer: Tultepec

Winner: David Nichols

Question #2

Maker: Evolution Control Committee

Question: Who is the artist that did the song that was sampled by ECC for “I Want A Cookie”?

Answer: Sammy Davis Jr.

Winner: M G Feitel

Question #3

Maker: Power Tool Drag Races & Robogames

Question: What unique food item was sold at both the Power Tool Drag Races and Robogames?

Answer: Either hot dogs or grilled cheese sandwiches, cooked with an iron.

Winner: rajbot

Question #4

Maker: The Crucible

Question: What was the original address of The Crucible before it moved to its current location?

Answer: 1035 Murray Street, Berkeley, CA or 1036 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, CA

Winner: Brian Walsh

Ok, you guys are pretty good. Time to crank it up a notch and make things a bit more difficult. I’m also swiching the format around to “guess the Maker”.

Question #5

Question: Which Maker created a shirt made out of computer cooling fans to wear at Burning Man?

Answer: Mikey Sklar

Winner: Michael Williams

Question #6

Question: Which Maker was involved with developing a toothbrush that can allow the person using it hear a song through vibrations of the teeth and jaw?

Answer: Andrew Filo

Winner: Michael

Question #7

Question: Which Maker installed a motion detector near the Golden Gate Bridge to keep track of the number of suicide attempts?

Answer: Natalie Jeremijenko

Winner: Michael

Question #8

Question: Which Maker is bringing something to Maker Faire that is powered by a 12 horsepower engine that uses propane gas?

Answer: Lindsay Lawlor (Electric Giraffe)

Winner: Edwardo Martinez

Question #9

Question: Which Maker has a daughter who is also exhibiting at the Maker Faire, at the PTDR table?

Answer: Michael Shiloh and his daughter Yasmine

Winner: Eddie Codel

Ok, I think we will end the contest here, which will give us enough time to send out all the tickets to the winners. Thanks for playing!

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

Scott Beale founded Laughing Squid in 1995 in San Francisco and is currently based in New York City. When not running the blog, Scott can be found posting on Threads and sharing photos on Instagram.