Macworld vs. CES Keynotes


This year not only are the big trade shows Macworld (in San Francisco) and CES (in Las Vegas) happening during the same week (starting on Monday), but their keynotes will both take place at exactly the same time on Tuesday, January 9th at 9am. Of course with Macworld, the legendary keynote will be given by Steve “One More Thing” Jobs. Over at CES, it will be presented by Michael “Shut Down Apple” Dell. It does appear to be shaping up to be a classic battle of Mac vs. PC., especially considering that the market value of Apple started to exceed that of Dell early last year.

Oh and then there’s Sunday’s pre-keynote at CES by Bill Gates, the one that was referenced in my Vanishing Point Game clue. Does Gates have something up his sleeve to try to overshadow whatever Jobs announces?

Several people have been asking me if I’m going to CES, but as I have in previous years, I’ll be attending Macworld along with some of the related events, including Niall Kennedy’s Mac small business dinner (here are some photos I shot at last year’s dinner).

Robert Scoble will be on the scene at CES running PodTech’s Bloghaus. Thomas Hawk will be there as well, shooting a ton of photos.

UPDATE: Here is live coverage of Steve Job’s keynote at Macworld 2007 and live coverage of Michael Dell’s keynote at CES 2007.